When you’re making a purchase, you do your research first and foremost, right?

But what happens when all of the products you’re reviewing are the same? How do you know which company to choose? We know that in the information technology realm, a lot of providers are offering the same exact products. They work with the same vendors and give you the same technologies, so what’s the difference? That’s simple: it’s all in the way those products are delivered.

Any salesman can walk into your office and state that their services will cover everything you need. They’ve got remote monitoring, data backups, network security, and so on and so on. They’re able to show you an impressive list of features that come with this technology and that technology. That’s great and all, but it doesn’t mean anything to you, does it?

You want someone who’s going to take care of everything. You don’t care HOW that happens, you just need it to happen because you know technology is a vital aspect of your day-to-day operations. Maybe you’re even aware that technology has the power to act as a business enabler, but you don’t have the time to figure out how to make that happen yourself.

Who are you and why should I care?

Mogsnet Computers was founded in 2002 as a break/fix information technology company, however, we’ve evolved into a technology solutions provider that offers managed services, including cybersecurity, business phone systems, vCIO services, data backup, and disaster recovery, and much more. We chose to go the “fully managed” route because we know it’s what businesses need.

In the past, the break/fix approach worked fine because businesses didn’t rely heavily on their information technology. Nowadays, however, the average company needs their systems to be available and accessible at all times. You can’t afford to wait until something breaks, then struggle with downtime that leaves you with:

  • Frustrated employees
  • Lost customer trust
  • Wasted payroll dollars
  • Missed business opportunities

You also can’t be bothered to deal with various vendors or companies for your technology needs. That’s where a fully-managed approach really shines. You get everything you need to be taken care of – from your phones to your printers to your computers – for a flat-rate monthly fee.

It’s the complete package! Plus, Our CEO has a strong background as the CFO of a distribution company. What does this mean for you? In the simplest terms, he knows how to analyze and report on the health and efficiency of an organization – helping you achieve the success you’ve always wanted.