What Vertical Markets Do We Specialize In?

A good technology solutions provider isn’t afraid to zero in and focus on what they know best. Why? Because a good technology solutions provider knows businesses need to work with partners that know their needs, challenges, and goals. A good technology solutions provider wants to be that partner for a select range of clients – helping them achieve new heights – instead of working with everyone and anyone, even if they don’t understand their market.

What vertical markets are you experienced in serving?

Our team is experienced in serving various vertical markets throughout the area, including the following:

  • Dental: Your clinical and practice management technologies are growing more complex as the years go by. That’s why we manage them to help you better serve your patients while maintaining compliance with all regulations.
  • Oil field services: Your environment must be collaborative, in order to ensure you’re making sound, informed decisions. We make this possible with better data collection, improved reporting, and information sharing.
  • Accounting: Your clients have come to expect quick, efficient service as the world of accounting becomes more reliant on technology. Our team will ensure you’re able to automate tasks where possible and work more effectively.
  • Legal: Your legal firm has various concerns surrounding client confidentiality, as well as accessibility of information. We address those concerns with advanced security services and remote access solutions.
  • Manufacturing and distribution: Your employees rely on technology for the purpose of gathering intelligence, improving project management, and other initiatives. We’re able to make sure everything works seamlessly.
  • Small business: Your small business has a range of technology challenges, and fortunately, we’ve got solutions to address them – from cybersecurity to business phones to managed services wherein you pay a flat-rate fee each month.

Our CEO and President, Ted Hubble, has many years of experience in the dental and manufacturing/distribution industries in particular. In fact, he’s acted as the CFO of a distribution firm. You can feel confident knowing he understands business from a financial perspective.

If you’re in one of the industries above, we have you covered with managed services, including cybersecurity, business phone systems, vCIO services, data backup and disaster recovery, and much more. You need a technology solutions provider that takes care of everything – and that’s what we do.

From a market demand perspective, a fully-managed approach makes the most sense for the industries we’ve listed above as they operate fairly complex, often geographically dispersed networks without the in-house information technology resources to support them.

What can I expect to achieve from partnering with you?

When you choose to partner with our team, you can rest assured knowing you don’t need to worry about hiring and managing anyone internally as we’ll act as your entire IT department. Our ability to specialize in your vertical market gives you peace of mind knowing we’ve taken the time to:

  • Profile your market in-depth and identify the most common challenges and/or vulnerabilities that exist within businesses like yours
  • Determine which solutions deliver the highest possible return on your investment while addressing those challenges and/or vulnerabilities
  • Create an all-in-one solution that ensures you’re able to meet all of the goals and objectives that are rampant in the marketplace

Forbes wrote a great article on why technology needs to be a top priority for business owners. They talked about how vital it is to embrace trends, because at the end of the day, staying competitive is impossible without well managed and maintained systems in place.

We agree with this completely and wholeheartedly. You need to stay ahead of customer demands, and as technology advances, customers expect faster service from you. Think about how many new products, applications, and technologies are being released to improve life for consumers.

It’s absolutely vital to ensure you’re doing everything in your power to streamline operations, and ultimately, do more with less to better serve those who trust you with their business. One thing’s for certain: technology truly dominates the business world for the industries we specialize in.

You can trust our team of technology experts to make sure you’re ahead of the game. We have over 16-years-experience in the realm of information technology services. We know what we’re doing and we do it well. You will be taken into consideration every step of the way.

That means we’ll never push solutions on you, because we know you’re a unique company with unique needs. You and your team will be encouraged to work alongside us as partners – helping us find the right technologies – from hardware to software, that work for you.

You’ll achieve a wide range of benefits, including greater security, increased collaboration, improved productivity, and much more. Most importantly, you’ll be able to better serve your customers with more efficient day-to-day operations, which results in a higher bottom line.

How can I learn more about you and what you do?

If you’re interested in learning more about us and what we do, just fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page and we will reach out to you as soon as possible. You can also click here to read our latest blogs. We have tons of great information in terms of technology tips, tricks, and the latest news that impacts businesses like yours.