Despite the ever-growing reliance on cloud computing in the modern business environment, on-premises information technology systems are still incredibly popular, and they’re not going away anytime soon.

In fact, most businesses depend on the availability of their on-premises information technology systems more than ever before. Why? Because as customer demands continue to grow, businesses must have access to their systems and the data stored on them, in order to meet those demands and keep their customers satisfied.

That’s where proper management comes in. You need to have a team of trusted technology experts managing your information technology, in order to make sure you’re able to operate seamlessly and without hiccups around-the-clock. You simply can’t afford downtime, because when you’re faced with downtime, you’re faced with the incredibly hefty cost of:

  • Decreased employee productivity
  • Lost business opportunities
  • Lost customer trust
  • And more

In the past, break/fix services were more than enough for businesses. Nowadays, we know information technology isn’t a set it and forget it type of situation. You can’t settle for having your systems installed, waiting until something breaks, calling someone to fix it, and repeat over and over again. It’s far too costly in terms of downtime AND the cost of repairing the system itself.

Mogsnet Computers knows a reactive approach doesn’t cut it anymore. That’s why we provide managed IT services in Edmonton, AB wherein we proactively monitor and manage your systems around-the-clock for an affordable flat-rate monthly fee.

It’s vital to have reliable information technology to help you and your staff members get everything done throughout the day. That’s where our managed IT services become necessary – from making sure patches are applied to watching over your network for any issues and/or threats – we’re there to keep you going. You can rest assured knowing our managed IT services will relieve the burden of:

  • Unexpected downtime and the costs associated with it
  • Unauthorized users accessing your data/infiltrating your network
  • Unproductive employees being unable to get work done

Mogsnet Computers Provides the Managed IT Services in Edmonton, AB Businesses Trust.

We know if something isn’t working properly, it’s detrimental to your ability to provide services to your customers, which means it’s also detrimental to your ability to make money. You can count on our team to protect you (and your bottom line) against downtime as we take a proactive approach to handle your information technology. You’ll get the following from our managed IT services in Edmonton, AB:

  • Around-the-clock monitoring of your network, in order to keep an eye out for any threats or issues that may arise.
  • Windows and third-party updates for all systems as soon as they’re available, which keeps you running without hiccups.
  • Performance monitoring and tune-ups so your systems are always functioning at peak performance.
  • Anti-virus software and firewalls to protect against all types of threats, including ransomware, malware, and more.
  • Microsoft Office 365, a suite of cloud-based productivity tools, designed to keep your staff collaborating, even when they’re out of the office.
  • Data backups that allow you to feel confident knowing you have up-to-date copies of all of your important information.
  • VoIP business phones that give you tons of enterprise-grade features for half the cost of traditional phone services.
  • 24/7 helpdesk services wherein we provide remote or onsite support for all issues, questions, or concerns as needed.
  • Quarterly technology planning/reviews to talk about what’s working, what’s not working, and adjust our plan as necessary.
  • Hardware-as-a-service (HaaS) whenever needed to help you save money while accessing the latest and greatest technology.

That’s right… We handle absolutely everything, acting as your entire IT department, for a flat-rate monthly fee that’s less than hiring someone internally. If you already have someone or a team of internal people handling your information technology, that’s fine, too.

You can benefit from our team augmenting their work – handling the day-to-day monitoring and maintenance to help alleviate their workload. This lets them focus on more strategic initiatives that grow the business instead of being bogged down by minor issues and tasks.

You’ll Have an Entire Team of Technology Experts Working Alongside You to Make Sure You’re Getting the Best Possible Value from Your Information Technology!

How great does that sound? You’ll have an entire team’s worth of skill-sets, knowledge, and expertise at your disposal. We go above and beyond installing your systems – we’ll actually work with you to:

  • Identify business challenges and objectives because sometimes it’s hard to see what’s holding you back from achieving your goals when you’re inside the business. We’ll talk with you and your team, gather the information we need, and help you understand the challenges that need to be addressed and the objectives that need to be met.
  • Determine what solutions are necessary to address those challenges and meet those objectives, whether we’re looking at improving security measures, migrating to the cloud, or simply streamlining financial processes with better software. We’ll help determine what solutions are necessary, then we’ll get you the best possible price for those solutions.
  • Use analytics and reporting as needed to give you peace of mind knowing we’re always watching over your network and keeping everything functioning at peak performance. We’ll be sure to be accountable for the work we do – ensuring we give you all the documentation you need to feel secure in the service you’re paying for.

Your Data Is Safe – Stored In Canada

Mogsnet’s data centers are 100% on Canadian soil.  When you trust Mogsnet to backup your information to the cloud, that cloud is located in Canada. Your information and data is securely stored in Canadian data centers.

Mogsnet Computers is the trusted choice for managed IT services in Edmonton, AB and surrounding areas. Email us at to get started now.